Our Offers and Prices

Amaris Tantric Massage

Our main offer and classic: Extensive sensual erotic touching and massaging from head to toe, inclusive a pleasurable massage of the intimate area (Lingam- or Yoni massage), whereby an orgasm may but need not be achieved.

80 Minutes:        180 €
Two Hours: 280 €
On request, longer massages are possible too.

Amaris Tantric Massage with extra-long Lingam Massage

The tantric full body massage, as described in Amaris Tantric massage, with a more extensive Lingam-(penis) massage. Here the male genital area is given a great deal of attention. Its whole sensitivity can be perceived and enjoyed extensively. According to the ability of keeping the energy, this part of the massages takes 25-30 minutes.

80 Minutes:      200 €
Two Hours: 300 €
Please call for more details or personal questions, we´ll be glad to advice you.

Amaris Tantric Massage with extra-long Prostate Massage

Basis: Our Amaris Tantric massage inclusive Lingam massage. In addition, the whole anal and prostate area will be touched and massaged sensitively. This can deepen the desire and perception ability significantly and help to release blockades in this area.

80 Minutes:        200 €
Two Hours: 300 €
On request, a short version can be included in any of our massages.
Please tell us your preferences in this regard immediately when scheduling the appointment. We´ll gladly answer any further questions by phone.


Amaris Tantric Massage Duo

Our classic Amaris Tantric massage but with four hands and twice as delightful.
Optionally by two women or a man and a woman.

80 Minutes:        360 €
Two Hours: 560 €

Amaris Tantric Triade

The Triade is an erotic adventure for three. If you want to experience how you can spoil your partner, this is the right setting for you.
Guided by an experienced tantric masseuse one of you learns to touch your partner in a very special sensual way.
You can book this ritual for 80 minutes or two hours. Please ask for details.

80 minutes: 225 €
Two hours: 330 €

Amaris Tantric Partner Massages

A wonderful, pampering ceremonial for couples, during which you will be massaged simultaneously in one room or two separate rooms for deeper relaxation and – if desired – at the end of the massage you can come and Star together undisturbed in one room.
One and a Half Hour of this, approx. 70 Minutes Massage and approx. 20 Minutes of undisturbed time together: 360 €

Amaris Tantric Massage for Women

By nature, the atmosphere during a Tantric massage of a woman is different – women simply are women and to a woman the female world of sensations is close quite naturally.
This offer can be a sensual pleasure massage to relax, but it can also be used more intensively. At the same time, it is always orientated closely to the desires of the receiving woman.

With special topics or if new experiences are desired, we provide a treasure of offers and possibilities:

  • Conversation before and after the massage
  • Conscious touching
  • Meditative immersion into body awareness
  • Pelvic floor massage
  • Yoni-Sense Massage without sexual focus
  • Yoni-Reflexology
  • Release of tensions and old pain in the intimate area
  • Awakening of the Yoni
The masseuse will react upon each sign of the woman and will not do anything that could be unpleasant for the woman.

When concentrating on yourself, without sexual contact with the partner, deep-seated questions may be approached:
How does lust feel when I am all by myself and totally passive? Does my body still function? Is everything still there? How does my sexual pleasure develop? How familiar am I with my body? What about my orgasm? Are there blockades anywhere? How can I rediscover my sensitivity or even increase it?
Fulfilling experiences and surprising insights can be the answer. Old feelings and memories can come up – we have time and room to collect them.
In doing so, the common path into female wisdom and power is our goal – and Delight, Delight, Delight!

90 Minutes:        200 €
Two hours: 280 €


Tantra-La Stone Vitalisation

This combination of two massage techniques unites the healthy, body-related depth-effect of La Stone with the subtle tantric massage effecting body, soul and mind.
The La Stone massage relaxes muscles and tissues with warm and cool stones, soothes stiffness and tensions, supports the blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.
In addition the tantric massage relieves subtle blockages, causes the life energy to flow, increases the feelings and brings sensual pleasure through extensive Lingam- or Yoni massages. The experience fades out with a resting phase, spicy tea and small refreshments.
With this massage we offer the highest possible relaxation with tingling vitalisation at the same time.

Two Hours:      300 €

Time For Two - Coaching For Couples

In partnership we are especially vulnerable in the field of sexuality and at the same time particularly touchable. In group situations, as offered for example in tantric seminars, often questions regarding this topic are not protected well enough and yet couples wish to get support, if they can´t hit upon solutions and ideas.
In the Amaris we created a possibility to accompany couples in their sexuality in intimacy, tranquillity and appreciation. This offers couples the possibility to concentrate on topics, such as physical contact and tenderness. Questions, for which until now there was no space or no courage, can be pronounced, secret desires might be exposed, and everything you always wanted to say, may find its expression. What feels good for oneself and the partner can be tried under supervision. This depends on the individual situation of the couple.
Time for two creates the beginning for own common development and joyful exploring of the female and male world of sensation.
We take three hours of time for this. After arrival, we start with a separate one hour massage for him and her for relaxation and at the same time for simultaneous sensing of own preferences.
During the following two hours the three of us collect topics and questions and start our “work”. If necessary, time may be extended.
A short preliminary discussion by phone is necessary.

Three Hours:      EUR 520,-

Single Coaching

Again and again we hear from our guests, they would love to be able touching their partners, as they experienced it here with our massages.
The touch coaching offers you as a woman or man the possibility to explore the quality of your touching, to practise and deepen it, all under our supervision.
We begin with an 80 minutes massage for relaxation, conscious feeling and becoming familiar. Then you have time to try what you experienced yourself with the masseuse or masseur (no intimate massage). You get instructions and feedback.
A short preliminary discussion by phone is necessary.

Three Hours:      EUR 450,-