Amaris massage – the special experience!

A team of sensitive and interesting women is awaiting you in the Amaris based on a versatile and comprehensive education we draw from the power of female knowledge and the wealth of many years of experience. We stand for a natural femininity and we meet our guests with cordiality and esprit.

Enjoyment - Tranquility - Sensuality

A place of peace and relaxation created by powerful women for people with a sense for moments of beauty and joy.

Let yourself be touched and accompanied - on a journey to your very own sexuality and therefore to yourself.


Profound knowledge flows into the Amaris massages, as into all of our offers. We come from therapeutic- and healing professions and are educated at various schools in several methods of full-body massages and energy work, especially Tantric-, Yoni, Lingam and anal massages.


We create an atmosphere filled with light and finesse. Already after a short time, confidence and loving contact arise from person to person. Body and mind relax. The inner being feels itself noticed and touched.


Our tantric massage is a creative piece of art — warm, heartfelt and subtle. We unite real art of touching with tantric knowledge and witty eroticism. During the play of desire and sensuality energy starts flowing deeply and soothing, relaxing and stimulating and we follow this flowing.


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